Local Nature Reserves and Parks

Local Nature Reserves

We are very lucky to have three Local Nature Reserves in the Borough: Epsom Common, Horton Country Park and the Hogsmill Local Nature Reserve. Details about these special areas are below. Please ensure that you are familiar with the Countryside Code when using these areas and abide by this code.

Each of these areas has an associated community group.

Epsom Common

The community group for Epsom Common is the Epsom Common Association. They also have a group of volunteers called the Ecovols who carry out conservation work on the Common.

Horton Country Park

The Friends of Horton Country Park are a group of local people who want to help look after the Horton Country Park nature reserve.

Hogsmill Local Nature Reserve

The is a virtual Friends of the Hogsmill group, if you would like to be added to the mailing list email the Council to request this. There is also a facebook group for users of the nature reserve to share wildlife sightings.

The Countryside Code

Do you know the Countryside Code?

There is concern amongst campaigners nationally that the "unprecedented rise in litter, damaging fires and “fly-camping” across the English countryside is partly a result of the government spending less than £2,000 a year over the past decade on promoting the Countryside Code". So we thought we'd do our bit to help spread the word, as this code sets out how we should all behave when using green spaces in Epsom and Ewell too.

Please share this to make sure that everyone is aware and abides by this code.

The full version of the Countryside Code can be found here, and a summary flyer can be found here.


Full details of the parks in the Borough can be found on the Epsom and Ewell Borough Council website. Many of the parks in Epsom and Ewell have volunteer groups associated with them who help look after the park and together these groups make up the group: Friends of Epsom and Ewell Parks.

Links to groups with information online are shared below:

Friends of Rosebery Park website, Friends of Rosbery Park facebook page

Friends of Shadbolt Park

Friends of Nonsuch