Energy and Water

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Grants for Energy Efficiency Improvements

Action Surrey list details of grants available to homeowners for energy efficiency improvements. Please check their website for details of current schemes and the criteria for eligibility.



Unblocktober is a month-long national campaign to improve the health of our drains, sewers, watercourses and seas which asks people to pledge to change their kitchen and bathroom habits at home and at work.

The campaign reminds us not to dispose of the following items down our sinks and toilets:

1. Cooking oil

2. Food (even crumbs)

3. Butter

4. Margarine

5. Lard

6. Cooking sauce

7. Wet wipes

Anything including plastic, including:

8. Period products - tampons, applicators and wrappers

9. Period products - sanitary/menstrual pads and towels

10. Nappies

11. Condoms

12. Cotton buds

13. Contact lenses

14. Bandages and plasters

15. Dental floss

16. Razor blades

17. Face masks

18. Disposable gloves

For more information please see the Unblocktober website.